The vision is quite simple. Everything we do focuses on serving others, obeying the commands of Christ and loving God.

South Keystone Church of Christ started in a one room building on State Street in Indianapolis, Indiana and then moved to Boyd and Bradbury in the early 1960's. Then in 1968 the congregation moved to South Keystone Ave. to where it is presently located. The ground to build the church building on was given by Oscar and Susie Hayes.

Over the years several men have served as local ministers for the South Keystone congregation.

Past brethren who have served as elders over the years and have led the flock at South Keystone are:

Ray Smith, Willie Knight, Clifton Moss, Rhea Wilson

Past brethren who have served as deacons over the years to help with the work at South Keystone are:

Lanvas Eads, Bill Holmes, Alvin Johnson

In 2017 the South Keystone congregation was fortunate enough to merge with the Madison Ave. Church of Christ (formerly the West Newton Church of Christ in the lower southwest corner of Marion County). Together as one congregation South Keystone has developed into a more active congregation and is willing to take on new works and challenges to further the cause of Christ within its community. One of South Keystones former elder, Bro. Willie Knight, said it best in describing the South Keystone Church of Christ congregation:

"This congregation at South Keystone is a group of people drawn together by a common faith in Jesus Christ for worship and service. It is a free fellowship with all who come to visit us. Its member's wear no name but that of Christian. We are free, dependent, self-governing congregation under Christ alone as the head, with no denominational affiliation or earthly headquarters, although we recognize a particular closeness to other churches of Christ that stand for God's full truth.

We are free to study, teach, and work God's plan for man. We deplore the denominational division of today and pray for the time when all professed Christians shall divest themselves of all humanly devised barriers and come into the unity of the faith that is in Christ, as He prayed for."

Willie Knight

(Former Elder)
South Keystone Church of Christ Bulletin
July 14, 1974